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Commentary From Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

In this toxic environment, we must play chess and not checkers.

Appointing and inviting an outside special prosecutor to review, reprimand and ultimately replace the police leadership and those officers is warranted and wanted.

There’s a history of antagonism between JPB and KCPD. Personally, I can attest that JPB is not a personal favorite of our current top cop. So we need someone who can carry out the investigation and interrogation without intimidation.

JPB has given forethought to what’s needed to make Kansas City a safer city and every zip code and this is an intelligent and insightful decision. The more disingenuous statements, contracts, and policy changes led by Brad Lemon and his local cohorts points to why this is a needed and necessary move.

The sustained 48 hour rule, the new hiring policy, and revisiting the need for outside agencies to handle officer involved shootings all speak loudly that community interest is heard quietly.

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